Meeting you might be the Best thing that happens to us all week!

New Hope Presbyterian church is a welcoming, inclusive faith community, seeking to respond to Christ’s call to love and serve, through ministries of compassion and social justice. We are a PCUSA congregation.

At New Hope Presbyterian Church, it’s really all in our name! A loving, diverse and people sized community, we seek lives of meaning and purpose, all through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are a place of friendship, encouragement and acceptance. We are a place of reflection, thoughtful inquiry and service to others. Where ever you find yourself, where ever you have been, we are a place of …. new hope. Now who doesn’t need a little of that?

To learn more about us and how you can join us, please visit our new website: New Hope Presbyterian Church Asheville: New Hope Presbyterian Church Asheville

Our Sunday schedule: 9:15: silent prayer in our sanctuary

9:30 – 10:30: Christian Education class: discussion format

11:00: Worship service with communion on First Sundays

There are many more activities and opportunities, please see the website above for further details.